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Thoughts on following the less travelled path in language learning.

…Because a French bulldog is a cuter visual than a croissant. (Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash)

Let me tell you a story about finding a way to practise a language I fell out of love with for some time. And it doesn’t involve improving my level on the CEFR scale or forcing myself to speak every day.

The prehistory

My relationship with French was strained, to say the…

Welcome to my Etsy shop with risograph and digital poetry zines

“Stories of a Broken Wolf” poetry zine, photo © Gosia Rokicka

Sometimes there is a time when you struggle with stringing words together. For me, it’s the pandemic. Being under intermittent house arrest for a year with no ability to do the only thing that helps my mental health — travel — is probably the most challenging time in my life…

If you do (*want to speak German), I may have some recommendations for you.

If you type “German” into the Unsplash search bar, you’ll get a lot of German Shepherds… Well, why not? :) (Photo by Abby Boggier on Unsplash.)

As I probably mentioned before, I started learning German to test my ability to learn a foreign language from scratch as a self-guided learner, to engage with my heritage language (one of my great-grandmas was German) and to be able to argue my way out when I get into a…

A little a day, every day — thoughts for the new month.

Language learning can be like snacking a little every day… on healthy snacks, that is! (Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash.)

What? October tomorrow? Already? This year has been such a Blurday…Blurmonth… Bluryear… that it’s difficult to tell when weeks and months pass. September was quite hectic for me with house renovation and other stuff going on but I really didn’t want my language learning to slip. Since spring I’ve managed…

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